Songs of Reappraise

Songs of Reappraise

Each week the Very Not Reverend Ben Baker and his guests spend an hour listening to some less-than-successful singles from a chosen year and debate which one of the failed releases deserves redemption. The winning song ascends to pop music heaven; the rest are returned to the bargain bin.
The current series has just ended, but you can listen to previous shows here and shout your outraged opinions into the void.

Season 1

Pilot edition: May 1981

With Phil Caterrall. First broadcast 9 May 2022.

May 1992

With Sali Earls and Paul Abbott. First broadcast 16 May 2022.

May 1974

With Tracey Binnie and Tim Worthington. First broadcast 23 May 2022.

May 1988

With Juliet Harris and Garreth Hirons. First broadcast 30 May 2022.

June 1993

With Xmorpheus and Justin Lewis. First broadcast 6 June 2022.

June 1987

With Prim and Louis Barfe. First broadcast 13 June 2022.

June 1978

With Sali Earls and Maysiebug. First broadcast 20 June 2022.

June 1996

With Tracey Binnie and Phil Catterall. First broadcast 27 June 2022.