Every Tuesday at 9pm Off The Chart takes a sideways look at the UK singles chart from the corresponding week in a particular ’80s year. A trip down Memory Lane that takes a detour down Don’t Remember This One Avenue and gets you lost in What The Hell’s This? Cul-De-Sac.

Looking for a retro chart show that doesn’t just play the familiar hits? You’ve found it.

23 May 1982

Off The Chart: 23 May 1982

Time marches on as always, and as a direct result of the relentless passing of time we're going back a ridiculous 41 years to look at the UK singles chart from this day in 1982 on this week's Off The Chart! As always we'll have two hours of forgotten, obscure and neglected hits, plus tracks from all three of the week's new entries on the album chart, a look at the day's events, a hit from the West German chart and the top five in full.

  • Who had only one hit single in the UK, but charted three times with it in different years?
  • Who had seven top 40 hits with only five songs?
  • And who had a top five hit with a song that was rejected as the Dutch Eurovision entry?

Tune in and find out!

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