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The hottest new tracks on the Noisebox playlist. You can hear these tracks played during Breakfast Time, Noisebox Lunchbox, Beat And Two Veg and Noisebox At Night.

Madness - C'est La Vie

Madness - Hour of Need

Another single from the Nutty Boys' first ever no.1 studio album Theatre Of The Absurd Presents C'est La Vie. Tying in with the single, the band recently announced their Hour of Need Award, which allows fans to nominate people who they would like to thank for having been there for them or others during challenging times.

Nemo - The Code

Nemo - The Code

After all the controversy surrounding this year's Eurovision Song Contest, at least something good has come out of it. Switzerland's Nemo became the first non-binary performer to win the contest with a song described as a "drum and bass EDM opera".

CMAT - Aw, Shoot!

CMAT - Aw, Shoot!

Following her hugely successful 2023 album Crazymad, For Me, CMAT returns with a brand new single, apparently based on an experience she had while trying to write songs in a rented flat in Paris. "One evening there was a knock at the door. Who could it be?! I opened the door to find an American girl, who said the following: 'Oh! You’re not my friend!' and then turned and walked away."

beabadoobee - Take a Bite

beabadoobee returns with the lead single from her upcoming third album This Is How Tomorrow Moves, due for release this summer.

Goo - You're In Mono

Goo - You're In Mono

Following up their 2023 EP Chomp, "You're In Mono" is the new single from Goo, a band formed in Keighley, West Yorkshire in 2020.

Frances Forever - Troll

The project of Boston-area singer-songwriter Frances Garrett, "Troll" is the new single from their upcoming debut album Lockjaw, due out at the end of June.

James Smith - Molly

New single from London-born James Smith, who shot to fame when his 2018 viral hit "T-Shirts" amassed 35 million streams.

Helen Love - Stay With Me

Helen Love - Stay With Me

The brand new single from Helen Love, Welsh indie legends led by, er, Helen Love and now featuring a certain R. Autobahn on keyboards. He gets everywhere.

Pound Shop Boys - Let It Go

Yes, that "Let It Go", the opening track from the £SBs' new EP Dismay, turning the song from Frozen into a virtual mashup with the Pet Shop Boys' "Rent". Not sure how it works but somehow it just does.

David Bowie x Brian Eno x NATURE - Get Real (Sounds RIght Mix)

An outtake from Bowie's 1995 album 1. Outside, remixed by Eno who explains: "'s like it (the song) has sprung leaks everywhere and these animals are coming in through every window and crack between the doors. They're sort of threatening - suddenly Nature has crept into the art." Proceeds from the single go to Eno's ecological charity EarthPercent.

Belle & Sebastian - What Happened To You, Son?

A new song that was left off the last B&S album because, according to Stuart Murdoch, "the LP felt one track too long. The song tries to address what happens when the pop stars grow up, and change, and go a different way, and seem to betray the stance they held when you loved them the most."

Bee Gees - Spicks and Specks (Remix)

A very early Bee Gees single from 1966, remixed by Dichotomy Of Two. Yeah, us neither.

Crowded House - Teenage Summer

Crowded House - Teenage Summer

The second single release for Crowded House's new album Gravity Stairs, due for release at the end of May.

Guy Chambers and the Lemon Trees - I Can't Face The World Today

Originally a no.52 hit for the Lemon Trees in 1993, the band's mainman Guy Chambers became very famous as Robbie Williams' right hand man and has now re-recorded several of his band's old songs for a new album, Burst the Bubble.

Terrorvision - We Are Not Robots

Terrorvision - Electrocuted

The first track from We Are Not Robots, Terrorvision's first album in thirteen years. Frontman Tony Wright describes the album as "a roller coaster of thoughtful to chaotic, from happy to devastation and should leave folk exhausted by the journey."

Pet Shop Boys - Dancing Star

Pet Shop Boys - Dancing Star

The second single from the duo's fifteenth studio album Nonetheless, due for release in April. The song was inspired by Rudolf Nureyev, the legendary ballet dancer who defected from the Soviet Union in 1961.