Noisebox: The Annual 2023

Cover of Noisebox - The Annual. Pop! Jokes! Portly Blokes!

That's the book! That's the book! The book of Noisebox.

Noisebox Radio is a station for the pop kids who became pop adults featuring eclectic, pulse-quickening music from the last five decades put together by a bunch of music obsessives who love playing records but try not to take it too seriously. (But if you're here you're almost certainly a listener, so you'll know all that.)

And now its a book! (You probably didn't know that bit.)

Written by our own Ben Baker (with contributions and unhelpful hints from lots of our other presenters), Noisebox: The Annual takes the spirit of Smash Hits, Look-In and all the other tie-in annuals you used to get for Christmas, and smears lovely Noiseboxy goodness all over it. Jokes! Puzzles! Cartoons! Bagpipes! Celebrity interviews! They're all here! Except bagpipes. But if you've ever wondered how NACUS works, what Maysiebug's favourite colour is or which records are banned from airplay on the station, this is the book for you.

68 A4 pages in glorious full colour (or a cheaper black & white version if you're of limited means) - a must for any respectable library, coffee table or lavatory.

Buy it now direct from Lulu (the book publishers, not the diminutive Scottish singer) and with luck you might even get it before Christmas!

Noisebox Annual In Colour: £14.99

Noisebox Annual In Black and White: £8.99

Noisebox Annual as a downloadable PDF, so it's still in colour but you don't have to worry about paying for ink or paper or anything: £2.99

Some sample pages so you know what you're letting yourself in for...