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Noisebox Advent Calendar

Noddy Holder wearing a Santa hat and grimacing comically

It's Eeeeeccckkkksss-maaaaassssss!!!!

If Dr Sir Nodless Holder says it's Christmas, who are we to argue? Tune in at 9.30 every morning from now until the big day as we open up a door in our Advent Calendar and allow one of our presenters to play a festive song at you.

Noisebox: The Annual

Cover of Noisebox - The Annual. Pop! Jokes! Portly Blokes!

Yes, incredible as it may seem, Noisebox is now available in book form! If you've ever wondered how NACUS works, what Maysiebug's favourite colour is or which records are banned from airplay on the station, this is the book for you.

68 A4 pages in glorious full colour (or a cheaper black & white version if you're of limited means) - the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or funerals if you're open minded.

Buy it now or face the consequences.

(I mean, the only real consequence is that if you don't buy it now you might not get it in time for Christmas, but that's up to you.)

Oh, give us your money

We made the decision to keep the station advert free from the very start and plan to keep that pledge, so would welcome your support in helping Noisebox Radio continue to bring you great music without those annoying ads.

If you’d like to bung us a few quid every month on Patreon we’ll give you a mention on the website and send you some exclusive Noisebox Radio stickers to adorn your laptop, walls, children or whatever you can get them to stick to.

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Noisebox Radio is not your parents’ station… though they’d be very welcome to listen as we’re proud of our collection of eclectic programmes hosted by passionate, dedicated and fun presenters.

If you’ve always had interesting ideas that commercial radio would never touch, or a passion for a certain area of music, we’d love to hear your ideas. E-mail us: hello@noiseboxradio.com